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About the Game

You and your friends will be locked inside a room with an impressive decor, to play a real adventure game. So, a room, a mystery, only one way to escape. Will you be able to face the challenge?

It looks simple, but your real enemy is time. You only have 60 minutes to escape.

Rely on your intuition, logic, imagination and observation skills in order to piece together the clues you find.

Everything can be much simpler if you work well as a team. Communication and coordination are the key abilities.

If you get stuck you can ask for our help, but remember, you only get a limited number of clues.

Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a room whose scenario is based on the popular book and movie series of the same name.

The room's action begins with Harry Potter's return to his second school year at Hogwarts, as he ignores the warnings that he should not come back. A series of messages written on the school's corridor walls announces that "The Chamber of Secrets" has been opened, unleashing the monster that will cause a series of mystery attacks.

Together with your friends, you will embody Harry Potter and his friends in order to uncover the mystery and stop the monster from unleashing its evil plan, as this is the only way you will earn your escape.

Cabin in the woods

You are part of a group of adventuring tourists traveling to South-East America, and you are about to visit Naushon Island. On your way to the camping spot, without noticing, you have strayed away from each other. You immediately realize that you are in the middle of the forest and you're lost. Still, you decide to go looking for your missing friends.

It has been at least two hours since you've started looking, but all of a sudden you hear a scream from afar.

As you get closer to where the screams are coming from, you notice a cabin ... Surprise, your friends are stuck there!


Hello mutants,
Welcome to our Gifted Youngsters Agency Platform.
If you’re reading this it is because you most likely noticed that you are different from other human beings and you started to do some research.

What makes you different is the fact that you have a genetic trait called X - gene, which cause to your body to develop incredible superpowers, abilities that regular humans are unable to do. Abilities vary from person to person, for example: telepathy, telekinesis, flight, speed, energy projection, accelerated healing, fire control, teleportation and many more.

You must know: mutant powers can grow and increase as the mutant grows and develops; for some mutants, several years of self-discipline are needed before they control their powers, while others never gain full control of their powers.
And that’s why Professor X, realizing that mutants are the next step in human evolution, founded the School for Gifted Youngsters. His goal is to protect and educate mutants on how to control their powers.

If you want to join us and dedicate yourself to protecting civilians alongside us, we are glad to receive you. Professor X will offer you all the support, however you must first prove yourselves by unleashing your mutant powers and surviving a test designed by the Professor X inside the Danger Room. You will test your strength, intelligence and skills, maybe it sounds easy, but keep in mind: TIME IS LIMITED.


Can't manage online? Contact us by phone at: +40769 322 733
Any reservation made without valid contact information will be discarded.
For any changes in previously paid reservations, please contact us at least two hours before the game's start.

Price List

The total price of the game consists of the price per room + fixed price of 40 RON / person.
To see the final price, please see the table below.

The Wizzarding World of H.P (60 min)
80 RON + 40 RON/pers

Cabin in the Woods (60 min)
80 RON + 40 RON/pers

From Monday to Friday, except for legal holidays, all students, if they are part of a minimum 4 persons group, benefit of aspecial discount of 10 lei/pers off the displayed price. This special price applies only based on their student card/ID.

Echipa de 5-6 persoane


45 lei/pers.

Echipa de 4 persoane

50 lei/pers.

Echipa de 3 persoane

55 lei/pers.

Echipa de 2 persoane

60 lei/pers.

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Monday - Sunday : 10:00 - 22:00
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Phone: +4 0769 322 733
Address: Str. Matei Basarab nr. 48, Sector 3 - Bucuresti
Email: contact@insiderooms.ro